Types Of Whiskey You Might Get As A Member Of A Craft Whiskey Club

Joining a craft whiskey club is an exciting way to explore the world of whiskey and discover unique, small-batch offerings. As a member, you'll have the opportunity to taste a variety of whiskeys, each with distinct flavors and characteristics. This article will introduce you to some types of whiskey you might receive through a craft whiskey club. Single Malt Scotch Whisky Single malt Scotch whisky is a sought-after type of whiskey made from a single distillery in Scotland, using only malted barley as the grain. Read More 

3 Reasons To Add A Bottle Of Rye Whisky To Your Home Bar

Whisky is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages and is served in a variety of ways in countries around the world. There are many types of whiskeys that have their origins in places as varied as Scotland and Canada, but rye whisky in particular is finding a new audience that appreciates its unique flavors. If you have a small bar at home and looking to add a new bottle or two, read on for just a few reasons why rye merits some serious consideration. Read More 

The Wine Lover’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wine For Any Occasion

There is nothing quite like enjoying a glass of wine with dinner or sharing a bottle with friends. But how do you choose the right wine for each occasion? This brief guide provides tips on how to choose the perfect wine for any occasion. Know Your Wine Preferences You can only serve wine you know and love. That's why it's important to explore wine and find out what kind of wine appeals to your palate. Read More 

The Driest Red Wines to Try

Most red wines are classified as dry. However, some red wines are dryer than others. If you love that deep, lingering dryness that feels like it's pulling moisture out of your mouth, then here are some red wine varietals to look for. Merlot Merlot is a popular, widely available red wine variety that is known for its profound dryness. It's very dark red in color and boldly flavored. One reason why Merlot is so popular is that the grapes are highly adaptive and grow well in many regions. Read More 

Cocktail Equipment For Making Your Own Alcoholic Beverages

Anyone can open a beer or bottle of wine, but making cocktails is another matter. Cocktails are part science, part art, and all fun. If you want to make these alcoholic beverages for friends, family, and yourself at home, you're going to need some basic cocktail-making equipment. Here are some of the most essential items to get. Shaker A cocktail shaker is used to chill and mix alcoholic beverages, especially when beverages have at least two alcohols or mixers. Read More