Cocktail Equipment For Making Your Own Alcoholic Beverages

Anyone can open a beer or bottle of wine, but making cocktails is another matter. Cocktails are part science, part art, and all fun. If you want to make these alcoholic beverages for friends, family, and yourself at home, you're going to need some basic cocktail-making equipment. Here are some of the most essential items to get.


A cocktail shaker is used to chill and mix alcoholic beverages, especially when beverages have at least two alcohols or mixers. Shakers aren't used with carbonated alcohols, as shaking these would disperse the bubbles. They can be used with almost any non-carbonated liquor, spirit, or mixer.

Shakers consist of two cup-like components, which come together to create an enclosed area. They keep the liquid from spilling as you shake your alcohol with juice, bitters, syrups, dairy, ice, or whatever else is going in a drink. The martini is a classic drink that's often put into a shaker.


A jigger is used to measure ingredients when making mixed alcoholic beverages. It provides a quick yet accurate way to measure the ingredients that go into a cocktail. 

You can think of a jigger as a shot glass that's used for preparation rather than drinking. Most shot glasses are slightly larger than a traditional shot, so that the alcohol isn't spilled. Jiggers are exactly the size they should be.

Jiggers can be tall or short, but the most common ones all have a canonical shape. The wider opening makes it easy to quickly pour alcohol into the jigger without spilling.


A strainer that's used for alcoholic beverages serves the same purpose as any kitchen strainer. It allows liquids to flow through while catching solid material. The only difference between a bar strainer and a kitchen stranger is size. Bar strainers are smaller and typically have finer holes.

Some shakers have a built-in strainer. If your shaker doesn't have a strainer, though, you'll want to purchase a separate one. You can use a strainer anytime you're combining liquids and solids, in order to ensure that no small solid bits are in your finished alcoholic beverages.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is a specialized spoon that has a long, spiral handle. The spoon can reach down into tall glasses, so you can stir alcoholic beverages no matter what they're served in. Pouring drink components along the spiral lets you make layered cocktails, which both taste and look unique.

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